Dear Visitors

Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to Ma Haad. The website is the mirror of any institution. It provides wide scope for the visitors to know all the activities of the institution.
On behalf of the Great Ma Haad High School, I am pleased to welcome students from all over the country to study in Ma Haad. Ma Haad has an excellent learning opportunity for all students studying in Ma Haad and going to join with Ma Haad. Our team of modern education professionals sincerely appreciates the opportunity to work with our wonderful youngsters and their families, school-based staff, homestay families, and our well-wishers around the country.
We will continue focusing on quality educational programs, excellent student support, and a strong Homestay Program to ensure the continued success of our students. Quality Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students, and enthusiastic parents with high expectations. We aim to provide excellence in all our education programs.

The child on his journey to adulthood must pass through key developmental stages. At every stage, the needs of the child are different and must be fulfilled for the individual to flourish. The central principle of Ma Haad philosophy is that children must grow in a nurturing and enabling environment that meets their tangible and intangible needs at every stage of their development. All adults must play out their vital role which is to offer support and remove obstacles from the child’s developmental path. Children who are raised with respect in a free environment with the opportunity to act on their own and express their intelligence will grow into self-disciplined and responsible citizens who will be able to create peaceful societies.
Hence in Ma Haad, the Students are given the opportunities to thrive for their total development. We encourage them to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to build the confidence, independence, and personality necessary to become well-rounded adults.

Our excellent teaching staff with a wealth of experience, work in different capacities to provide Ma Haad children with guidance and knowledge. It is our goal to create an environment enriched with learning opportunities. Thank you for being a part of our community. Let us know how we can help to make your Ma Haad experience even better.

Noorjahan Shams
Ma Haad School & College