Sponsor a child today and change a child’s world for good—————

MA HAAD School is based on a shared commitment to academic excellence, intellectual growth and high standard of ethical awareness and community services. It began its journey from January, 2011.

The school is designed to impart the National Curriculum in English from Class-IV. The classes range from Play Group to Secondary School Certificate.

MA HAAD is the name of faith which marches forward to give light to the life of saddened children since its inception. They dwell with their poor parents or relatives and their livelihood is deprived of elementary means. With the fortunate ones MA HAAD took responsibility to reshape the future of those under-privileged children of our community. This makes other students to learn how to conduct themselves with varied peers.

The students here are getting education in subsidized fee, books, stationery, Tiffin, transport service and medical check-up.

Our goal is to inculcate in the students a love for learning and a desire to excel at every level to meet the challenges in the future. The students are also offered with a variety of Extra Curricular Activities throughout the year.

We urge people around the world to come forward and share your hands in sponsoring a child in giving her a bright future. Your support will allow a child to release him from the cycle of poverty.

We believe education can only help protect children at risk for exploitation, early marriage, and lower income-earning potential.

Our Objectives in supporting the saddened children around us are:

  1. To make them worthy citizens
  2. To decrease illiteracy and child labor
  3. To give value of the intrinsic warmth of a human being
  4. To grow in each of the individual the feelings and responsibility towards family as well society
  5. To train to be honest, humble, diligent, courageous and devoted patriots of Bangladesh
  6. To develop their mental, spiritual and cultural thinking to a satisfactory level so that when they grow up they can easily adopt them with the changing of the society.

It is only you who can transform our community and change the world

Shoma Zahid

Cell: +88-01819218326

E-mail: shoma.zahid@mahaad.com