What is DigiClass?

DigiClass is for the class 21 century. This solution empowers teachers to transform traditional black board and chalk classrooms into interactive sessions. The multimedia content enables teachers to better explain complex concepts, due to which students can retain information for a longer period of time.

The award winning content of the DigiClass solution has been customized to suit the syllabi offered by Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools. A group of vastly experienced teachers from person have designed this solution, so DigiClass solution is by the teachers, for the teachers.

DigiClass’s multimedia content – including audiovisual aids, demonstrations, simulations, rhymes, games, activity sheets, e-book and 3D interactivity – helps teachers better establish this link.

DigiClass comes with preloaded repository that has over 3,000 animations, 10,000 self explanatory diagrams, videos, 3D interactivity, worksheets, quizzes, e-book and several hours of experiments – all designed to make the classroom session more engaging. DigiClass is constantly upgraded with new features and content.