Our mission is to provide all students an opportunity to learn the lessons through personal involvement. Our junior School will provide an environment where all the children will be safe and happy. At the MA HAAD School our children will be benefited from an enriching and challenging educational experience as they follow a broad and balanced progressive base on the Bangladesh National Curriculum. Our team will guide them to develop their full intellectual, emotional, moral and physical potential so that they learn, think and make responsible choices with clarity. They will be equipped to become internationally aware and recognized citizens.

We are introducing foreign languages like Arabic, Spanish, French meant to be taught by linguist specialists brought from their respective countries. We intend to incorporate our cultural traditions in the form of art, drama, music and so on to enhance the young minds and teach them about our treasured local heritage.

The junior years (3 to 10 yrs) will follow the National Curriculum in Bangladesh; the curriculum is enriched with Tran disciplinary process.

We will encourage parents to play an important role as to work in a class partnership with the teachers since it is vital to carry on the education from the school to the home.

The most common and feared trouble of today’s generations’ parents is the after school monitoring of homework. We plan to share the burden of working parents who find it immensely difficult to arrange after school peak hour pick-up. Introducing an after-school program will ensure students to complete their home designated tasks, get rest, and indulge in extra-creative learning so that once at home, time can be dedicated for other quality-purposes. We belief unburdening the parents will contribute to a healthier and promising lifestyle for the students at home.

Like Carl Jung said, “If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people”

Shoma Zahid