Ma Haad welcomes students who demonstrate merit, work hard to show commitment to their studies and try their best to contribute to the school through active participation in a range of activities.

How to Apply:

Application form is available in the Admission Office.

Please collect the application form and submit the filled in hard copy to the Admissions Office.

Documents required:

  • Six recent colored passport size photograph of student.
  • Two recent colored passport size photograph of father and mother. In absence of Parents local guardian’s two passport size photograph is required.
  • A photocopy of the Birth Certificate.
  • Business Card(s) of both father & mother (if any)
  • Letter of authorization for local guardian – please provide name & address of the guardian.
  • Previous Class Report Card – photocopy
  • Photocopy of the student’s legal custody paper (applicable for divorced/separated parents)

Once an application form (properly filled in) with relevant required documents is submitted and the Application Fee is cleared, the Admission Office and the appropriate Coordinator reviews the application file. Admission Office then notifies the prospective parents if child has met the criteria for admission. More information of the previous school may be required.

Admission Test: The admission tests are designed so as to cover a wide range of disciplines including English, Mathematics, Science and Bangla.

  • Playgroup and Nursery students need not be toilet trained
  • Kindergarten applicants must be toilet trained by the time they join the school


  • Tuition Fees: 10% discount on Admission Fee and 25% discount on Tuition fee for the second child and 15% discount on the Admission Fee and 25% discount on Tuition Fee for third child and beyond.
  • Tuition Fees are payable by the 10th day of each month. Students cannot attend classes unless all fees are paid. Payment may be made in cash, by local Cheque, or through Credit Card. All Cheques should be “crossed” and made payable to Ma Haad Kindergarten. Post-dated Cheques are not accepted. We accept credit card payments in person with a 2.60% administrative fee.

Cancellation of Acceptance:  

  1. After signing the school’s Confirmation Acceptance Form, included with the school’s offer letter –

the Admission Fee and Yearly Fee will not be refunded. Even if the student starts attending the classes

at the school, only Tuition Fees paid in advance will be refunded provided sufficient notice is given.

  1. b)   For cancellation after the student’s commencement at the School, please refer to ‘Withdrawals’.


  1. a)   Enrolled Student is required to give three months notice in advance to the school.
  2. b)   Admission Charge and Yearly Fees will not be refunded.
  3. c)   Tuition Fees paid in advance will be refunded.
  4. d)   Please note that email/SMS notification is considered as written notice.
  • Specialized Support Program: The School offers a Specialized Support Program for students who require support to make up for learning differences. The needs of eligible students are assessed on an individual basis and parents are required to discuss their situation with Admission Dept/Principal prior to making an application for enrollment in Specialized Support Program.
  • Transportation: The school offers a door-to-door bus service, subject to demand. Fees are invoiced separately and are in addition to school fees.
  • Student Pass: Students require a Student Pass; the school will assist in the application process. Students must get approval before they are able to begin classes.
  • Waiting List: If a place is not available at the time you wish to join, your child’s name will be placed on the waiting list and you will be notified as soon as a vacancy is anticipated. Please notify the Admissions Office of any changes of address or other contact details or if your circumstances change.
  • School Changes: School, is likely to undergo a number of changes during the academic term of your child. Tuition and school fees will be regularly reviewed and adjusted annually.
  • Class Hours: 
Day Class School Hour  
Sunday to Thursday  Play Group (1st Shift)

Play Group (2nd Shift)

 08:45 – 11:00am

11:15 – 01:30pm

Sunday to Thursday  Nursery (1st Shift)

Nursery (2nd Shift)

 08:30 – 11:15am

11:15 – 02:00pm

Sunday to Thursday           KG  08:45 – 1:00pm
Sunday to Thursday          Class  I  08:05 –  12:10pm
Sunday to Thursday          Class II & III  08:05 –  12:50pm
Sunday to Thursday          Class IV – VIII  08:05 –  1:30pm
Sunday to Thursday          Class IX & X  08:05 – 02:10pm
  • School arrival timing is 10 min before the class hour.

Age Guidelines:

 Age                        Class

3 – 4 years            Play Group

4 – 5 years            Nursery

5 – 6 years            Kindergarten

6 – 7 years            Class-I

7 – 8 years            Class-II

8 – 9 years            Class-III

9 – 10 years          Class-IV

10 – 11 years         Class-V

11 – 12 years         Class-VI

12 – 13 years        Class-VII

13 – 14 years        Class-VIII

14 – 15 years        Class- IX


Sl. No Class Section
1 PG (1st Shift) Apple Tree
Cherry Tree
PG (2nd Shift) Sun-Flower
2 Nursery (1st shift) Rose
Nursery (2nd shift) Orchid
3 KG Marigold
4 Class I Camellia
5 Class II Tulip
6 Class III Lilac
7 Class IV Zinnia
8 Class V
9 Class VI
10 Class VII
11 Class VIII
12 Class IX
13 Class X

For further information about admissions or general information about the school please contact:

Nila Nasrin

Manager, Admission & Administration

8802-55085447, 8802-55085649

Cell: 01753-555222, 01591-143106