Our Responsibilities:

CSR is a project that represents humanitarianism, peace and welfare irrespective of caste, creed and color. It is a non-commercial charitable concern of “Ma Haad”. CSR is devoted to light a glimmer of hope and enthuse the people who are facing the stark reality of life. Ma Haad’s vision is to stand beside physically challenged citizens, and to empower elderly citizens who are now dependent on their children/ siblings/ relatives.

Where hundreds of thousands of people are unfortunately living below poverty line, Ma Haad has extended a helping hand towards them in a small way. Ma Haad wants to take part in resolving the distress of underprivileged and ill-fated citizens. This self –motivated organization is trying to enlarge its cooperative activities standing beside these countless helpless people.

Ma Haad was initiated with the goal of empowering the underprivileged section of our population. This project began ten years ago with three orphaned children, and has now escalated to an ambitious endeavor, with 80 people requiring support through the provision of food, clothing, etc. Within this group of 80, there are six orphans, two mentally challenged children, while the rest suffer from diseases brought on by old-age complications, malnutrition, paralyses, etc. By continuing to provide help, Ma Haad intends to focus its efforts on improving the living standards of various groups of disadvantaged people present in our society.

Many members of our society are often denied the dignity and honour that they once claimed as the head earners of their respective households. When they were younger, these people were able to work and provide for their families, even though they often subsisted below the poverty line. But as they got older and their health deteriorated, they became financially dependent on their families, a fact that was not often tolerated by the new generation of earning individuals. Ma Haad aims to help these elderly people gain the right to live in a dignified manner again. As a result, Ma Haad ensures basic necessities such as food, clothing, medicinal supplies and shelter for these people, so they can survive with respect and are no longer forced to impose on their families, who are also struggling to survive.

In addition to the elderly, Ma Haad would also like to work towards the betterment of the mentally challenged and physically handicapped population. Often, families of this group of people are unable to afford proper care and medication for their ill relatives. Ma Haad recognizes the pain and helplessness that both the victims and their families have to endure. Thus, in order to improve the well-being of the disabled and ensure that they are not deprived of their rights to live, share and enjoy in our community, Ma Haad will take active interest in their cause and work closely with them.

To conclude, our motto is – ‘Help them to live gracefully.’ Last but not the least; humane attitude towards human being is a part and parcel of Ma Haad’s pledge in addressing this critical concern. Ma Haad looks forward to serve these helpless and powerless citizens with absolute dedication and sincerity.

We have received continuous support from:

  • Mrs. Maliha Chaudhury
  • Mrs. Asma Mukit

Our special thanks to :

  • Mrs. Saima Masroor
  • Mrs. Laila Bashir
  • Mrs. Rubina Khan Lipi
  • Mrs. Muna.

During the time of dire need our above mentioned friends has extended their hand towards this project.